Writer. Real Estate Investor. Strategic Hippie.

Helping business-minded creatives + free-spirits build wealth through real estate

Break the Cycle of Overworking

  • Freedom requires radical honesty
  • Real estate is a tool to realize our ideal lifestyles
  • There’s no “one size fits all” trick to investing
  • Learn how to leverage your resources & community

Who am I?

I am Mikia “Mickey” Muhammad, a woman on a journey of self-actualization. In addition to being a sister, daughter, friend, cousin & niece. I’m a:

  • Writer & Creator
  • Real Estate Investor
  • Better Than Success Real Estate League Executive
  • REALTOR® & Team Sales Manager at Mosaic Brokerage Group

I’m also a Philadelphia native, passionate about empowering individuals and families through real estate.

With nearly 15 years of experience as a communications professional in the public sector, I understand the importance of core values and sustaining lifelong connections.

My mission is to help strategic hippies discover income-producing opportunities that enrich their lives and portfolios.

I love to travel, spend time with family and friends and try new restaurants and local “hip” spots.

I am nothing without the collective.

A community that feels like family is the foundation of my real estate career.

I’m one of 12 BTS Certified Real Estate Executives, that help guide our member-investors through a unique psychology-based approach to real estate education that has been proven to help:

  • W2 employees transition to full-time real estate business ownership QUICKLY
  • First generation entrepreneurs become real estate investors FASTER, and
  • Existing real estate investors both scale their real estate businesses EFFICIENTLY and earn extra income through real estate coaching and mentoring.

    Immerse yourself in a community of powerful real estate investors and service providers, while gaining the tools and understanding you need to successfully build a real estate business.

    What’s a Strategic Hippie?

    n. a wealth-building freedom-seeker and explorer

    Being a person in business has been a truly transformative experience.

    Living a life of fulfillment is a practice of personal honesty + self-awareness.

    Having a solid financial foundation provides me the space to put my mind, body + spirit ahead of taxing obligations that drain me.

    And, so can you.

    I meditate to get clear.
    Mindset is just as important as technical tools to achieve your goals.

    Use this meditation to clear your energy.

    Whenever you need to let go.

    Of limiting beliefs, frustrations, or whatever else is holding you back from achieving goals.

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